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Looking after you car in lockdown

In these unfamiliar times we appreciate that there is a great deal of uncertainty. Therefore, we would like to help by sharing some easy hints and tips for maintaining your vehicle at home.


Battery & Charging

If you are not using your car regularly, we recommend starting the engine and letting it run for a period of at least 15 minutes every two weeks. It is important to allow the engine to run for this long so the battery can charge properly. Be sure that your car is outside when the engine is running and don’t leave it unattended.


Tyres and brakes

If you haven’t driven in a while we recommend checking the pressure of your tyres – especially if you’re taking a journey on a motorway where higher speeds may be involved. If you don’t know what pressure your tyres should be the recommended pressures can usually be found on the inside of fuel or charging flap. If you are in any doubt call us on 01333 317600 and we will check your tyre pressure FREE of charge.

If your car has been left in wet or damp conditions, a thin layer of surface oxidisation can build up on the surface of the brake discs, which may mean they sound a little noisy at first. This is perfectly normal and gently applying the brakes when driving will help clear this.



If you’re not planning on driving your car for a long period of time, it’s worth considering filling up your tank to full to reduce the likelihood of any condensation building up.


Paint Protection

Your car is coated in a nano-particle paint which resists grime and corrosion. However, if it’s regularly parked under a tree or bush, it’s good to give it a clean and remove any dust or dirt.



Our workshop will remain open through the Covid 19 pandemic with a limited team to

accommodate breakdowns and the service of key workers vehicles.

If you are not using your car this might be a good opportunity to get your service done. We can arrange contactless collection/delivery.

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