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Why is your vehicles Antifreeze condition & strength important in the winter ?

Robert at RWB Autotec shares why it is important to have your antifreeze checked

Antifreeze is essential to your vehicle in winter months

Your engine uses fluid to cool it down, this fluid, your radiator, thermostat and a fan, all help keep your engine running at its optimum operating temperature, this fluid is a mixture of water and antifreeze, or “Coolant” to use its proper name. The concentration and condition of this “Coolant” is very important to the good health of your cars cooling system and engine, not only does it raise the BOILING POINT of the water it is mixed with, it helps clean, lubricate & protect your cars cooling system against internal corrosion, and just as importantly it lowers the FREEZING POINT of the water it is mixed with, thus preventing your cars cooling system from freezing whilst the engine is turned off overnight or for a long period during below zero temperatures.

Book your vehicle in at RWB Autotec now for your free winter check
Don't let this be you over the winter

RWB Autotec Ltd offer FREE winter safety checks that include checking the antifreeze level and condition. Call and book your vehicle in today for a FREE winter 20 point safety check.

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